Combining Head Geometry

Whenever you are ready to export your model, it's important to clean up your project to ensure that your model is ready to export. This includes the following tasks that ensure the customized template model and all of the avatar components can import into Studio successfully:

  • Combining extra head geometry
  • Removing extra head bones
  • Verifying attachment points
  • Final technical checks

Combining Head Geometry

At this point, you should also combine the separate head and face objects within the single Head_Geo object. Some templates don't include some face objects, like lashes. To combine the head and face meshes:

  1. In the Outliner, hold Ctrl/ and click following objects, ending with the Head_Geo:

    1. UpperTeeth_Geo
    2. LowerTeeth_Geo
    3. Tongue_Geo
    4. RightLash_Geo
    5. RightEye_Geo
    6. LeftLash_Geo
    7. LeftEye_Geo
    8. Head_Geo
  2. While in Object mode, right-click in the Viewport and select Join. The objects combine as a single Head_Geo.