PBR Textures (Optional)

Physically-based rendering (PBR) textures use multiple texture maps to define how a surface reacts under different lighting and environmental conditions. PBR textures can elevate the look and feel of your assets, including your avatar, accessories, and clothing. Typically, PBR textures are created in a texturing tool, such as Substance 3D or ZBrush. Many third-party 3D models available online include PBR textures.

Characters and accessories can make use of PBR textures to apply visual pop and material realism.
PBR textures allow for virtually any type of material surface, such as leather and denim.

Although each template includes PBR textures, for the purpose of demonstrating the basic texturing process within Blender, this tutorial doesn't cover the PBR texturing process. For more information and references on advanced texturing, see PBR Textures.