Writing the Story

Brainstorming Ideas

Before coding, write the story you'll use as the base of your game. The story can be about anything you wish.

To start, on a piece of paper or using a text editor, write 2-3 sentences for the opening paragraph. Here's a few story ideas to get you started:

  • Your dream vacation
  • What a wizard eats for breakfast
  • A superhero's shopping trip

An example story is below:

In a tree on a hill lives the great wizard Nia. Every morning, the wizard loves eating a giant bowl of honey roasted lizard leaf.

Creating Placeholders

With an idea for a story, you can start the process of turning it into a game.

Remember, in your experience, players will type in words that replace key parts of your story. For this step, you'll find parts of the story that can be placeholders, where a player can add in their own input.

  1. In the first sentence, pick a single word to be replaced by the player such as a name, action, or a noun. In this example, we'll select the wizard's name.

    In a tree on a hill lives the great wizard Nia.

  2. Replace the word with a placeholder for what type of word you'll ask the player for. Since you might end up asking the player for more than one noun or adjective, number the playerholder.

    In a tree on a hill lives the great wizard name1.

With the sentence created, it's time to turn it into code!