Avatar Items

Avatar items are 3D assets, such as accessories and clothing, that Roblox avatars can equip and wear. While many avatar items are sold on the Roblox's Marketplace, you can work with item creators to sell avatar items exclusively in your experience.

By selling unique avatar items in your experience, you can create experience-specific cosmetics while still taking advantage of Roblox's commission payouts for avatar assets sold within an experience.

Enabling In-Experience Sales

To set an avatar item on sale, the item creator and the experience owner must perform the following:

  1. The item creator must add the experience's Place ID to their item's sale location data.
  2. The experience owner must add the avatar item's Asset ID and enable the item.
    1. If the experience owner and the item creator are the same person, Roblox automatically adds and enables the asset to the experience after setting the sale location.

Adding Place ID

Before enabling an avatar item sale in your experience, the creator of the item must add the experience's starting place ID to the avatar item's sales location.

  1. Open the Creations page on Creator Dashboard.

  2. Click the in the corner of the experience's thumbnail and select Copy Start Place ID.

  3. As the item creator, update your item's marketplace settings and add the Place ID to the item's Sale Location field.

Adding Items to Experience

After the item creator adds your experience to the asset's sale location, you can now enable the item for the experience.

To search and enable an asset for sale:

  1. Navigate to your Creations page on Creator Dashboard and select your experience.

  2. In the Monetization menu, select Avatar Items. All avatar items for that experience display.

  3. Using the search bar, use the item's Asset ID to find the avatar item.

    1. If you do not see the item populate, verify that your Asset ID is correct and that the item creator has added the correct Place ID to the item's sales locations.
  4. Using the dropdown on the thumbnail, click Enable Sale.

Avatar Items Analytics

Avatar Items analytics help you gauge the success of individual Avatar Items, identify trends, and forecast potential future earnings.

To access Avatar Items analytics:

  1. Navigate to your Creations page on Creator Dashboard and select your experience.

  2. Navigate to Monetization > Avatar Items and select the Analytics tab.

The analytics tab enables you to:

  • View top performing items: See your top selling and top grossing Avatar Items over a selected time period.
  • Analyze overall sales and net revenue: Showcase up to eight top items on a time-series graph.
  • Monitor your catalog: Examine a table with up to 400 items, sortable by sales and net revenue.