Scaling and Rotating Parts

An entire level of the same looking part wouldn't be that exciting to players. By scaling and rotating parts, you can create different parts that will add variety to your obby. In order to creatively design your course and balance the difficulty, you'll need to change the size and angle of the parts you insert.

Scaling Parts

All parts can be scaled to different sizes, in multiple directions.

  1. Select the Scale tool.

  2. Create a new part, or select an existing one. Drag the colored handles in any direction.

Rotating Parts

Similar to moving and scaling, parts rotate around the X, Y, and Z axes. You can rotate a part to a new angle using the Rotate tool.

  1. In the Tools section of the Model tab, select the Rotate tool, then select the part you want to rotate.

  2. Click and drag a circle to rotate the part in that direction.

Toggling Collisions

The Collisions option lets you control if parts should be blocked from moving into each other. To turn collisions on or off, click the checkbox.

If you set collisions on, you won't be able to move a part into any position where it overlaps another part. If you set collisions off, you can freely move parts anywhere in the world.

As you move parts, you may notice a white outline whenever a part touches another part. This indicates that a collision is happening. In Roblox Studio, the Collisions feature lets you control if parts can move through each other.

Add More Jumps

This is the very beginning of your game, so you don't want the jumps to be very difficult. You want the player to think your game is fun and keep playing. As you build, experiment with rotation and scaling.

  1. Try adding a different type of part. To do so, click the small arrow below the Part button.

  2. Add two more parts to your game. Try different parts, or rotate and scale them.

    As you build, keep in mind these tips.

    • If the part is scaling or rotating in steps, you may need to adjust or turn off snapping.
    • If the part is being blocked from moving or rotating into another part, turning off collisions might make things easier.
  3. Save and test. If any of your parts fall down, stop the test and be sure to anchor them.

Building Reminders

If desired, you have enough skills to make more of an obby. As you build, keep in mind the below tips.

  • As you create more parts, remember to view your obby course from multiple angles. Parts might not line up the way you think if you're only looking from one direction.
  • If any of the parts fall down into space, you forgot to anchor them.
  • If a part is scaling or rotating in "steps" that are too big or small to be helpful, you may need to adjust or turn off snapping.
  • If a part is being blocked from moving or rotating into another part, turn off collisions.