Creating and Placing Parts

Parts are the building blocks of your project. You can use them to build environments and models for your project. Parts can be used as platforms as platforms in an obby, or used together to create complex models like the building in this city.

Adding the First Part

Parts will be used to create the platforms for the obby.

Adding Parts

An obby often starts with a simple, easy jump.

  1. In the Home tab, click Part.

    A part will appear at the exact center of your camera view.

Moving the Part

The top left of Studio has several tools for moving, scaling, and rotating parts. Start by practicing with the move tool.

  1. Make sure the part is selected. You should see a blue outline over it.

  2. To make it easier to move parts, you can turn snapping off, or change the amount to which it snaps.

  3. Click the Move tool.

  4. Drag the arrows to move the part around.

Checking Parts with the Camera

As a good designer, you want to make it easy for new players to get started. If you make it too hard right away, people might just quit instead of continuing to play.

To check your obby's jumps, use camera controls. That way, you can make a reasonable guess to if a player might make the jump.

  1. Use the camera to guess if a part is far enough that a player can make the first jump. Look from different angles.

    Action Control
    Move W A S D or arrow keys
    Rotate Hold the right mouse button and look around.
    Pan Hold the middle mouse button to drag your camera around.
    Focus Press F

    You might see something like below.

Anchoring Parts In Place

If you test your project at this point, you'll notice any parts you've added (other than the SpawnLocation) will fall. Anchoring will stop parts from falling. They'll even stay in place when players and other objects bump into them.

  1. Select the part you would like to anchor.

  2. Go to the Properties window. Scroll down to Behavior. Check Anchored.

Testing the Experience

Play-testing is the process of you or a peer playing a game to make sure everything works and figuring out how to make it even better. It's a good idea to play-test your experience whenever you make changes.

When play-testing this time, you'll make sure you can make the first jump.

  1. Click the Play button.

  2. While in game, see if your player can make the first jump. It's okay for it to be tricky, but it should take you at most 2-3 tries.

    If needed, below are desktop controls for playing in-game.

    Action Control
    Move your character around W A S D or arrow keys
    Jump Spacebar
    Look around Hold and drag right mouse button
  3. To stop playtesting, click the red square.