Organizing Code

Series Description

As you continue to work with code, scripts will become more complex. To address this, coders have a variety of techniques to make coding efficient, easy to understand, and reduce the chance of error. This series covers methods of organizing scripts, such as module scripts, a special type in script that can store functions and variables used by other scripts.

Objectives and Prerequisites

Learning Objectives

Understand the logic behind module scripts, as well as how to code a module script and access it in other scripts.

Be able to identify patterns of abstraction and algorithms in computer science.


Have an understanding of functions, events, and if/then statements.

Series Contents

Intro to Module ScriptsLearn how to use module scripts, a type of script that stores functions and variables that can be called or accessed from other scripts.
Creating with Module ScriptsApply using module scripts to create a mini-game where players gather keys to open chests.
Coding AbstractionAbstractions in computer science provide a simplified representation of something larger. They pull out only the most necessary information and hide everything else.
Coding AlgorithmsAn algorithm uses a series of steps to determine an outcome. Steps can be a set of directions, comparisons, or even a mathematical formula.