Customizing Studio

Studio can be customized to fit your development style and preferred visual theme.

Changing Themes

Studio features both a light theme and dark theme.

To change themes:

  1. From the menu bar, select FileSettings.

  2. On the left side of the popup window, select the Studio tab and locate the Theme option.

    Roblox Premium Payouts
  3. Select either Default, Light, or Dark. If your operating system supports light and dark modes, the Default option will mirror your system mode.

Configuring Windows

You can customize Studio's windows to fit your ideal work style.

Repositioning Windows

To reposition a window, click and hold its header bar and drag it to a new location. As you move the mouse around, possible destinations expand to indicate where you can place the window.

Stacking Windows

To make optimal use of screen space, you can stack windows in an area.

To stack a window:

  1. Click and hold a window's header bar.
  2. Drag the mouse into an existing window (excepting the 3D editor view). If the selected window can be stacked there, a thin border displays around the destination window.
  3. Release the mouse button and the selected window will drop into place. All windows stacked in that location become tabs at the bottom, allowing you to switch between them.

Undocking Windows

You can undock windows to free-floating by clicking the undock button in the upper-right corner.

After you undock a window, you can move it anywhere on the screen, reposition it back in the Studio window, or stack it on another window.