You can add custom interactive features to your experiences by writing Luau code in containers called scripts. Roblox uses a client-server model to host and run experiences. The types of scripts you use and where you store them in Studio determine whether they run on the client or the server and when they execute. Studio has a built-in Script Editor for editing scripts that supports Breakpoints, Toggle Comment, Show in Explorer, and more.

Types of Scripts

Roblox clients and servers run different types of scripts, and some features of the Roblox API are available on one but not the other. For example, code that detects user input must run on the client, not the server.

The three types of scripts are:

Script Storage

In Roblox Studio, you can create and store scripts in various containers in the Explorer. Each container has its own purpose and properties. Roblox clients and servers execute LocalScripts and Scripts only if you place them in certain containers.

For most situations, you can use:

For more information on organizing scripts, see Client-Server Architecture.