Roblox offers multiple channels to promote your experiences, attract a fanbase, and grow your audience. You can advertise through the image ad network, sponsor experiences, and by nominating experiences to specialized sorts on the Discover page.

Image Advertisements

Image advertisements allow you to notify users of experiences they can play, items they can purchase in the Avatar Shop, or groups they can join. When a user clicks the ad, it opens the main page of whatever you are advertising.

Sponsor your experiences to appear to users in the Sponsored category of the Discover page. You can target specific users, schedule the duration of your ad, and specify your budget per day. Sponsored experience ad cycles can last from 24 hours to 28 days.

Nominating for the Discover Page

While most collections of experiences that users see when they are browsing the Discover page generate automatically, you can nominate your experiences to appear in the Learn & Explore, Free Private Servers, and Xbox Featured sort categories.

Growing Your Audience

You can grow your audience on Roblox with the Follow button, or you can direct users to follow you on social media by embedding social media links on your experience's page.

You can also attract a fanbase by posting frequent progress updates with interesting details on social media. It is recommended to use the #RobloxDev hashtag to highlight your posts to users actively interested in game development on Roblox.