Experience Guidelines

Experience Guidelines provide information on the experience's main page about what kind of content the experience contains so that users can make informed decisions about what they interact with. Roblox uses this information to recommend experiences on the Home and Discover pages according to each user's appropriate age group and regional content policies.

Each Experience Guideline has two components:

  • Age Recommendations - Indicates which age group an experience is suitable for based on child development research and industry standards. For more information, see Age Recommendations.
  • Content Descriptors - Indicates what type of content is within an experience, such as realistic depictions of blood or paid item trading.

Experiences without Experience Guidelines aren't recommended to younger users. For this reason, Roblox strongly recommends that you fill out the questionnaire for each of your experiences so that they're available to the largest audience possible.

Generating Experience Guidelines

If your Roblox account is at least 30 days old, you can quickly generate Experience Guidelines by filling out the Experience Questionnaire, which is a set of questions about the type of content users can possibly encounter within your experience, as well as how frequently it occurs. Your answers give Roblox an understanding of the content within your experience and ensure that the experience is available to the appropriate audience.

As you are completing the questionnaire, base your answers on the most mature or extreme content users can encounter within your experience. You can retake the questionnaire and generate new Experience Guidelines at any time to accurately reflect what group of users should be able to access your experience.

To generate Experience Guidelines:

  1. Navigate to the Creator Dashboard. All of your experiences display.

  2. Click on the experience you want to generate experience guidelines for. The experience's Overview page displays.

  3. In the left-hand navigation, select Questionnaire. If you've never taken the questionnaire before, the Questionnaire Not Started page displays, otherwise the Questionnaire Requires Update page displays.

  4. Click the Start button.

  5. Answer each page of questions based on the content within your experience, then click the Save and Continue button. After you have answered every question, the Questionnaire Preview page displays all of your answers, the age recommendation and content descriptors for your experience, and any regions where your experience is non-compliant based on your answers.

  6. If you need to modify a previous answer, click the Edit button, otherwise click the Submit button. The experience guidelines immediately display on the experience's main page.

If you believe that the rating does not match your intended audience, you can review the content in your experience to see if there are adjustments you can make so that your experience is appropriate for your target audience. To learn how you can dynamically adjust the content of your experience for different audiences, see the PolicyService API reference.

Questionnaire Categories

The following sections provide guidance on answering the questions within each category of the questionnaire. Every guideline only applies to content that you create for your experience, not user-generated content that users bring with them, such as avatar clothing and accessories.


Violence is the intentional use of physical or psychological force against users or non-playable characters (NPCs). If your experience includes violence, including within any asset type, you must disclose it within the Experience Questionnaire based on the violence's level of intensity and how often a user might encounter it.

Level of Intensity

The first question of the violence category asks you to specify whether the level of intensity of violence within your experience is mild or moderate. If you imply violence anywhere within your experience, such as violence that occurs off-screen that users can hear but can't see, your experience automatically meets the mild criteria.

If you visually show violence, the criteria for meeting mild or moderate violence depends on the consequence of the violence. For example, if the consequence of violence is unrealistic, such as characters disappearing the moment they die, your experience meets the mild criteria, but if there is any moment that the consequence of violence is realistic, such as characters mimicking real-life injury or death, your experience meets the moderate criteria, even if the realistic violence only occurs once.


The second question of the violence category asks you to specify whether the frequency of violence within your experience is infrequent or frequent. Infrequent violence occurs either rarely or occasionally, such as at a couple key moments of the experience. Frequent violence either indicates that violence occurs often, or that it occurs rarely, but when it does occur, many violent events happen in quick succession. This means that even if a small part of your experience contains frequent violence, it meets the frequent criteria.


If your experience includes blood, including within any asset type, you must disclose it within the Experience Questionnaire. After you verify that your experience depicts blood, the second question of the blood category asks you to specify whether the realism of blood is unrealistic or realistic. Unrealistic blood doesn't look like real blood, so if you display blood within your experience as pixels, or as a different color or shape, it meets the unrealistic criteria. Realistic blood, however, has the same color, shape, and splatter properties as blood in the real world.

Experience Guidelines Moderation

Roblox relies on the information you provide in the Experience Questionnaire to generate accurate Experience Guidelines, so the Moderation team may review your Experience Guidelines to ensure their validity based on the content of your experience. Whenever Roblox discovers a discrepancy between your submission and the content in your experience, the following actions occur:

  • You receive a moderation notification through a private message on Roblox.com.
  • The Questionnaire page on the Creator Dashboard updates to provide moderator feedback and guidance on how to generate accurate Experience Guidelines.
  • Roblox removes the Experience Guidelines from your experience's main page, and your experience becomes only visible to users 13 years old and older.

Please review your experience and confirm that your answers accurately reflect the content of your experience. If you intentionally misrepresent your experience, you may be subject to moderation consequences.

Moderation notification example
Creator Dashboard moderation feedback example