Working with Translators

When translating content in your experience to a language that you are not familiar with, it's beneficial to work with a native speaker of that language to add or review any translations. Use the following tools to manage translators for your experience:

Adding Translators

You can add Roblox users or groups as translators in your experience's localization page. Adding Roblox users as translators allows you to leverage all the benefits of Roblox's translation tools such as managing group-level permissions and viewing translation analytics.

Any Roblox user or group with edit permissions for your experience can manage, edit, and review translations and translators. Translators can see your string entries and edit translations for any of your supported languages. Translators can not configure any localization settings, add or delete any localization table entries, or grant translator permissions to any users or groups.

To add a Roblox user or group as a translator:

  1. Navigate to your experience's Localization Page.

  2. Navigate to the Translators tab.

  3. Click the Invite Translators button.

  4. If adding an individual, select either by Username or by User ID under the options and select the correct user from the dropdown.

  5. If adding a group, input the group ID and select the right group from the dropdown and the selected roles.

  6. Click Confirm once you have selected the users or groups you want to add.

Accessing the Translator Portal

All translators that you add to your experience can access the Translator Portal, a translator specific page that provides access to your experience's localization table.

In the Translator Portal, translators can edit translations for all supported languages, and see translation history, including the time the translation was added and the translation contributor.

To share a direct link to your experience's Translator Portal:

  1. Navigate to the Translators tab.
  2. Copy the link by clicking the Share Link button.
  3. Send the link to any Roblox user with translator permissions so they can access the Translator Portal directly.

To access an experience's Translator Portal from the Creator Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Creator Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Translator Portal via the left navigation.
  3. Select the experience you want to translate, or search for it via the search bar.

Translation Analytics

As translators add translations, Roblox compiles translation reports every two weeks that give you visibility into what your translation coverage looks like for each supported language and which translators have been contributing.

To download a translation report:

  1. In your experience's localization page, click Reports.

  2. Select a date range for the report in the dropdown.

  3. Click Download.

Working with Non-Roblox Translators

You can work with translators who do not have Roblox accounts by downloading your experience's localization table as a .csv and having your translators add directly to the spreadsheet file. Once your translators have added their contributions, you can re-upload the .csv file through Studio. When adding translations through this workflow, translation analytics does not capture translator contributions and detailed history.

See Adding Translations With File Upload for more information on downloading your experience's localization spreadsheet.