Systems Design and Balance

Systems design involves the development of the rules and features that players interact with in a game, from the fundamental core loop to deep progression systems. Each system is carefully balanced to produce the desired player experience and safeguard the game's economy. The following videos and resources range from beginner to advanced discussions of systems and balance topics.

Core Loop Short

In this short video, Roblox lead game designer Dan Spaventa explains the concept and function of the core loop, the essential, repeated tasks that players perform in order to make progress in a game.

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Prototyping Short

In this short video, Roblox lead game designer Dan Spaventa explains how testing your mechanics and user interface (UI) early in the development process can help you identify problems, fine-tune your design, and find the fun faster.

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Player Goals and Progression Workshop

In Part One of this workshop, Roblox senior game designer Kael O'Malley discusses the role that short, medium and long-term goals play in keeping players of all types engaged in your game. While watching, you can fill out the included exercise document to identify your target player types and the goals that will motivate them to keep playing.

In Part Two of this workshop, Kael explores the systems that allow players to make progress toward goals through interactions with a game's core loop. He shares examples of common progression systems, describes the various benefits that those systems offer, and provides practical tips for implementing them in your own game.

Season Pass Workshop

In this workshop, Roblox lead game designer Dan Spaventa explores the season pass feature, a game system that rewards players for completing quests within a period of time. After reviewing the feature's design and user interface, Dan walks step by step through the process of balancing your own season pass.

Game Expansions Workshop

In part three of the Game Expansions workshop, Dan discusses the importance of balancing expansion features to ensure that they provide the most value to you and your players. Topics include setting goals, gathering feedback, and striking a balance between analytics and intuition.

Quests, Achievements and Dailies Workshop

In part two of this Level Up workshop, Erin provides tips for creating quests that are engaging and challenging: draw on all of your game's systems and content, focus on variety, and carefully control difficulty and pacing.

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Brand Partnerships and IP Games Roundtable ft. Toya, The Metaverse Team and The Gang

In this roundtable, members of Toya (Miraculous RP), The Metaverse Team (Nerf Strike), and The Gang Stockholm (Angry Birds) share their insights about developing games with brand partners.

Educational Games Roundtable ft. Boatbomber, Untamed Planet, and Filament Games

In part one of this roundtable, Boatbomber (Lua Learning), Sigmund (Untamed Planet) and CollyPark (Filament Games) share their experiences and best practices for engaging players, assessing learning outcomes, and designing educational experiences on Roblox.

In part two, Boatbomber (Lua Learning), Sigmund (Untamed Planet) and CollyPark (Filament Games) answer audience questions about educational game design, marketing, monetization, and classroom use.