Live Operations (LiveOps) are the ongoing updates and support that developers provide to a game after launch. The following videos and resources explore various types of post-launch updates and offer tips and processes for maintaining effective live operations.

Game Expansions Workshop

In part one of this four-part workshop, Roblox lead game designer Dan Spaventa introduces the topic of game expansions, the addition of new systems that enhance gameplay and reinvigorate player engagement. The presentation includes practical tips for integrating expansions into your game's core loop, as well as creating renewable content that promotes sustainability during live operations.

Part One Presentation PDF

In part two of the Game Expansions workshop, Dan walks step by step through the expansion development process, from brainstorming ideas to supporting a live feature.

Part Two Presentation PDF

In part three of the Game Expansions workshop, Dan discusses the importance of balancing expansion features to ensure that they provide the most value to you and your players. Topics include setting goals, gathering feedback, and striking a balance between analytics and intuition.

Part Three Presentation PDF

In the fourth part of the Game Expansions workshop, Dan focuses on supporting a live expansion. He provides techniques for gathering and prioritizing feedback, then creating a roadmap for future updates that keep the expansion relevant and engaging.

Part Four Presentation PDF

Content Cadence Workshop

In this workshop, Roblox senior game designer Erin Jennings walks through the design and production process while sharing tips and techniques to make the regular release of new content more efficient and effective.

LiveOps Roundtable ft. Ruddev Media

In this roundtable video, Ruddev Media developers x_o and ruddev_ethan discuss their LiveOps strategies, production processes and tips for engaging with the player community.