Content Design

Content design refers to the development of content that players experience as they interact with a game's systems. Text, items, locations, events, and characters are all examples of content.

In these videos, the Game Insights team introduces best practices for designing various types of content and strategies for managing content cadence during Live Operations.

Content Cadence Workshop

In this workshop, Roblox senior game designer Erin Jennings walks through the design and production process while sharing tips and techniques to make the regular release of new content more efficient and effective.

Quests, Achievements and Dailies Workshop

In part one of this three-part workshop, Roblox senior game designer Erin Jennings describes how quest mechanics can support a game's engagement and retention metrics through tutorials, currency drips, narrative, and more.

In part two of this Level Up workshop, Erin provides tips for creating quests that are engaging and challenging: draw on all of your game's systems and content, focus on variety, and carefully control difficulty and pacing.

Part Two Presentation PDF

Part three of this workshop focuses on writing quest text that is clear and engaging. Erin sets out goals for your text and offers tips for being concise, consistent, and immersive. The workshop wraps up by revisiting the quest content spreadsheet to demonstrate the value of documenting your quests.

Part Three Presentation PDF

Narrative and Level Design Roundtable featuring MiniToon

In this roundtable, Roblox lead game designer Dan Spaventa interviews MiniToon, the developer of Piggy, about narrative design, level design, and community engagement.

Worldbuilding Roundtable featuring Myzta

In this roundtable, Roblox senior game designer Erin Jennings interviews Myzta, developer of Mermaid Life, about worldbuilding for games. Learn how gameplay, environment art and level design work together to create an immersive world for your players.

Brand Partnerships and IP Games Roundtable ft. Toya, The Metaverse Team and The Gang

In this roundtable, members of Toya (Miraculous RP), The Metaverse Team (Nerf Strike), and The Gang Stockholm (Angry Birds) share their insights about developing games with brand partners.