Experience Icons

A high-quality icon, in addition to a showcase thumbnail, is an important factor in helping users recognize your experience and grow its brand. With prominent placement in various sections of the Home page, it's recommended that the icon expresses the theme, tone, and/or genre of the experience.

Icon expressing an urban action game
Urban action game
Icon expressing a camping simulation
Camping simulation
Icon expressing an ocean theme
Peaceful ocean theme

When you publish an experience for the first time, an icon is automatically generated from a collection of default images. While you can only display one icon per locale, you can also include supplementary image and video thumbnails that further promote the experience.

For more information on maximizing the impact of your experience's icon, see Best Practices.

Uploading Icons

To ensure your experience's icon always displays in high resolution and with an ideal aspect ratio, use a template of 512×512 pixels. In some places on the Roblox site and app, icons scale down to smaller sizes like 150×150 pixels, so it's recommended that you preview an icon at smaller sizes to confirm its details remain clear. In addition, see Best Practices for tips on icon format and design.

To upload an experience icon:

  1. Navigate to the Creator Dashboard.

  2. Click on the experience you want to upload an icon for. The experience's Overview page displays.

  3. In the left-hand navigation, under Configure, select Places.

    Places button indicated for an experience on the Creator Dashboard
  4. Click the start place marked with a star icon (if the experience contains only one place, it will be the only option). The place's Basic Settings page displays.

    Start place tile indicated in Places display on the Creator Dashboard
  5. In the place's left-hand navigation menu, select Icon.

    Icon button indicated for a place on the Creator Dashboard
  6. Set the media type to Image and click the Change button. Then, from the file browser, select and confirm the image you want to use as the icon. Note that all icon images must pass moderation before they appear to others on the Roblox platform.

  7. If the preview icon appears as you expect, click Save Changes.

Best Practices

To create the most positive impact for users looking to play your experience, consider the following best practices.

Quality and Aspect Ratio

When you upload an icon image, it should be square and at least 512×512 pixels so that it always displays in high resolution and at an ideal aspect ratio across the Roblox site and app.

High quality and sharp icon
Low quality and blurry icon example
Non-square icon

Relevant Content

An icon will have a higher impact if it's unique and provides relevant imagery on what users should expect when they join the experience. Icons with ambiguous graphics may lead to unnecessary confusion.

Icon expressing a fun theme park setting
Default Roblox icon which does not match the same theme
Icon with ambiguous graphic in top-right corner

Color and Contrast

You can express your experience's theme through color and contrast to help users decide if it's suitable and appealing to them.

Icon with bright, high-saturation colors for a fantasy or dreamy setting
Bright, high-saturation colors for a fantasy or dreamy setting
Icon with muted low-saturation colors for a somber, moody setting
Muted low-saturation colors for a somber, moody setting
Icon with heavy color balance and contrast for a horror experience
Heavy color balance and contrast for a horror experience