Marketplace Fees and Commissions

You can create and sell bodies, heads, accessories, and clothes on the Marketplace. After you pay any applicable upload fees, you can upload your new asset for marketplace approval. Once the moderation team reviews and approves your asset, you can set your item for sell on the Marketplace.

You receive a commission every time users purchase your item. If users purchase your item within an experience using the Avatar Inspect Menu or the Avatar Editor Service, the experience owner also receives a commission. For information on viewing your sales data, see Sales Data analytics.

Upload Fees

When uploading, accessories, clothing, bodies, and heads require an upload fee of 750 Robux per submission. In general, fees are not refunded if an item is rejected through moderation. If your asset clears the uploading process, your asset is ready to publish to the Marketplace.

Publishing Advance

A publishing advance is a refundable upfront fee that you pay at the time of publishing an item. The publishing advance does not apply for free Limited items which require a per-unit fee. Items taken off-sale and put back on-sale do not require another publishing advance.

This publishing advance is dependent on the type of Marketplace item being sold:

Asset TypeNon-Limited Publishing AdvancePaid Limited Publishing Advance
Body4000Not available as Limiteds.
Head1500Not available as Limiteds.

For an example of how the publishing advance is recouped, the following table represents a hypothetical situation where the publishing advance is 1000 Robux, and the item is sold in an experience at 400 Robux:

Creator ReceivesRoblox ReceivesAffiliate Receives
30% Creator CommissionPublishing Advance Rebate (from Platform Commission)30% Platform Commission40% Affiliate (experience owner) Commission
Unit 1 sold120 Robux120 Robux← Given to creator160 Robux
Unit 2 sold120 Robux120 Robux← Given to creator160 Robux
Unit 3 sold120 Robux120 Robux← Given to creator160 Robux
Unit 4 sold 120 Robux120 Robux← Given to creator160 Robux
Unit 5 sold120 Robux120 Robux← Given to creator160 Robux
Unit 6 sold120 Robux120 Robux← Given to creator160 Robux
Unit 7 sold120 Robux120 Robux← Given to creator160 Robux
Unit 8 sold

Creator has received 960 Robux in total publishing advance rebates
120 Robux120 Robux← Given to creator160 Robux
Unit 9 sold

Creator has received 1000 Robux in total publishing advance rebates
120 Robux40 Robux80 Robux160 Robux
Unit 10 sold

No more publishing advance rebate
120 Robux0 Robux120 Robux160 Robux
Continues with each unit sold

Rebate credits are reimbursed once per day. See the following guidelines:

  • Once per day, Roblox processes rebates from your sales and adds them to your transaction report.

    • If you see the rebate on your transaction report, the credit has been applied to your account.
    • The 30 day escrow does not apply for rebates.
  • You can access this data on the Creator Dashboard's My Transactions report, by filtering Type of Transaction to Publishing Advance Rebates.

    Transaction report filtered by Publishing Advance Rebates.
  • If a sale occurs after Roblox processes rebates, you may need to wait until the next day's processing to receive the rebate credit and see the rebate in the transaction report.


When community items are sold on Roblox, a portion of the sales is split between the item creator and Roblox. If the item is sold within an experience, the revenue share will additionally be split with the owner of the experience.

There is a 30 day escrow hold for each purchase. Roblox holds the commission from the sale of your items for 30 days starting from the date of sale and your Robux share of the sale.

Item TypeMarketplace PurchaseIn-Experience Purchase
3D assets (bodies, heads, clothing, accessories)Creator receives 30%Creator receives 30%
Experience owner receives 40%
Classic ClothingCreator receives 70%Creator receives 60%
Experience owner receives 10%


When setting assets on sale, you can configure your creation as a Limited item to set an available quantity for that asset.

At this time, only Roblox-created Limiteds are tradeable, and bodies and heads are not eligible as Limiteds.

Per-unit Fee

When publishing free Limiteds, you must provide a per-unit fee depending on the quantity being published and other factors like the type of asset being uploaded. This payment depends on a range of market-based factors and may change over time.

As a hypothetical case where limited hat items are 100 Robux per-unit, if 200 limited hats are listed at a 0 Robux price, the creator pays 20,000 Robux to list this free limited item. For free Limiteds, Roblox keeps the entire per-unit fee.


If reselling is enabled by the original creator, Premium members can resell purchased Limited items. Every time a creator's item is resold, the creator benefits from a 10% original creator commission. After purchasing a Limited, there is up to a 30 day holding period when the item cannot be resold.

Selling Limiteds: As a reminder, when selling anything on Roblox, the item creator, the seller, and Roblox receive a split of every transaction as follows:

  • 30% to creator
  • 40% to seller/affiliate
  • 30% to Roblox

Reselling community-created Limiteds: The following is the breakdown of the earning percentages for community-created Limited resales:

  • 50% to reseller
  • 10% to creator
  • 10% to seller/affiliate
  • 30% to Roblox

Similar to other commission and payment breakdowns, a single party can receive one or more commissions for a single transaction, such as the case where the original creator is also the reseller.

Rate Limits

To protect against automated purchases, Roblox sets purchase limits for Limiteds sold in-experience or in the Marketplace. For Limiteds, the following applies:

  • Users are subject to the following purchase rate limits:
    • 9 successful purchases per minute per user.
    • 1 purchase request every 2 seconds per item per user.
    • A maximum of 3 successful purchases per user per item.
  • For in-experience purchases, users must be in the experience for 60 seconds to successfully complete a purchase.

Price Ranges

Depending on the 3D asset type, you must set the price of the item within the marketplace price range. If you are selling a Limited item, you can set your item price as 0, or any value after the Limiteds Price Floor.

View Current Marketplace Ranges

Classic Clothing

You can upload and sell classic clothing through the Roblox website. It costs 10 Robux to upload these assets.

Classic t-shirts do not require a fee when uploading, but they do require a 10 Robux fee when going on sale for the first time. If the seller takes the item off sale, it does not require an additional fee when they place it on sale again.