Custom Thumbnails

Thumbnail images provide a preview of the 3D asset in the Marketplace, user inventories, and avatar editors. Before uploading an asset to the Marketplace, you can create your own thumbnails to customize the exact look and feel of your item preview thumbnails. This step is optional, but can help ensure that the thumbnail accurately portrays your item.

Creating Thumbnails

You must create thumbnails before publishing your asset on the Marketplace. You can quickly create these thumbnail configuration instances with the Custom Thumbnail Tool. Roblox stores custom thumbnail information in a child ThumbnailConfiguration object that parents a CameraTarget and CameraValue.

To use the Custom Thumbnail Tool:

  1. Install the Custom Thumbnail Tool plugin. This may require restarting Studio.

  2. In the Explorer window, select the Accessory you intend to create a thumbnail for.

  3. With the Accessory highlighted in the Explorer window, navigate to the Plugins tab and click the UGC Thumbnail Tool. The viewport display updates and centers on the selected accessory in the workspace.

  4. Adjust the viewport to center on your accessory. Use the following controls to help navigate the camera:

    • W A S D to pan the camera.
    • Hold right-click to rotate the camera.
    • Hold middle-click to pan the camera.
    • Hold Shift for fine adjustment.
  5. When complete, click Accept to generate the thumbnail configuration objects.

  6. You can preview the thumbnail by right-clicking the accessory in the Explorer window and selecting Save To Roblox…. The Asset Configuration dialog appears and displays the current thumbnail.

If your thumbnail does not look correct, repeat steps 2-5 to overwrite the existing thumbnail data.

Troubleshooting Thumbnails

If your thumbnails don't look the way you expect, you might need to manually resolve these issues or attempt to use the Custom Thumbnail tool again. See the following for common issues and fixes:

Incorrect Thumbnail ZoomThe scale of the thumbnail depends on the Handle size of the Accessory. For the best thumbnail, make sure your Handle covers the entire item.

When changing the size of the Handle object, adjust the Size property instead of using the resize tool. The resize tool can cause other unintended changes to the item.

You can resolve this issue by using the Custom Thumbnail Tool.
Backward ThumbnailsWhen importing meshes, Studio may change the orientation of the custom model by 180°. To resolve this, you can rotate your mesh 180° in your third party modeling tool, such as Blender or Maya, and then re-import the 3D model into Studio.

Regardless of import orientation, Studio equips the Accessory on a character with the same fit and attachment.