Classroom Best Practices

While every classroom is unique, we've included the following practices designed by teachers that can be easily integrated into an existing class culture.

Preparing for Class

Go Through Projects and Learning Experiences

Before classes, we always recommend playing a learning experience or going through the steps of a project.

Develop Classroom Guidelines with Students

Before starting a Roblox classroom, create guidelines like the ones below for students up-front. Encourage students to add on with their own suggestions.

Examples of student expectations:

  • Solve problems together - Assume the best of each other. Share information. Try to solve a conflict without teacher intervention.
  • Use Roblox Wisely - Remind students that while in class, Roblox is an educational tool. They can always play Roblox outside of class.

Additionally, identify consequences for students who break any guidelines.

Managing a Classroom

Helping with Transitions

For instance, we recommend the following system. Depending on the classroom, you can signal this with visuals, like colored flags, or verbally call out the "type" of time.

For instance, we recommend the following system:

I Do

Students observe your instruction and do not interact with devices. If using laptops, students close them or keep a mobile device face down.

We Do

Students follow along with instruction. If finished with the task, they can indicate that by closing their laptop halfway or something similar..

You Do

Students work independently on their projects to complete prompts or implement a new concept.

Help Students Help Themselves

During class, students will have questions whether it's technical or related to a project. Other more experienced or motivated students can be a great source of assistance.

For instance, the practices below have been successful for teachers:

  • Ask Three Before Me - At the start of classes, have students ask three peers before an adult.
  • Nominate Student Helpers - At the start of class, pick 3-5 students to assist others. Depending on a class, you can use this as a reward for motivated students. Remember to rotate the students serving as helpers to ensure others have a chance to show leadership and that students continue to work on their own projects.

Handling Questions about Roblox

It's likely that students will ask questions unrelated to learning objectives, such as your "favorite Roblox game," or "Can you give me free Robux?". To preempt these questions, point out at the start of class that you'll be addressing questions related to the project or experience at hand.

Code and Creation Tips

Celebrate Small Wins to Motivate Students

Using Roblox Studio can be a rewarding, although occasionally challenging process. While leading a project, try and include occasional "warm-up" or more relaxed challenges. For instance, if students are spending a whole class session coding, give them a few minutes towards the end of class to use Terrain Tools, a fairly relaxed and creative activity.