Project Intro and File Set Up

In an obby, short for obstacle course, players jump from object to object while avoiding obstacles to get to the end of a level. Missing a jump means falling to your doom.

Creating a New Experience

Time to get started!

  1. Open Roblox Studio if you haven't already.

  2. Upon opening, you should see a number of templates. If not, in the upper left corner, click New.

  3. Click the Baseplate template to open it.

Closing Extra Windows

When you first open up Studio, it'll have some windows open which you don't need. Close these so you have more room to work on your game.

  1. Close the Toolbox by clicking the × on that window.

  2. Check that your workspace looks like below.

Deleting the Baseplate

A classic part of obbies is falling and having to restart if you make a mistake, so you'll need to remove the Baseplate from the project before building your obby.

Using the Explorer

One way to delete objects is using the Explorer. This window lists all of the objects within your experience. You can use it to select and work with parts even if you can't see them in the game editor window.

  1. Look for the Explorer window on the right. If the Explorer window isn't visible, select the View tab and click the Explorer button.

  2. Click the small arrow next to Workspace to expand the tree.

  3. Click on Baseplate to select it.

  4. Press Delete on the keyboard to remove the baseplate.

Testing the Obby

Next, we'll test what we have so far so you can see how the respawn mechanic works.

  1. Click the Play button in the top-left corner.

  2. Run off the side of the spawn location. You should respawn at the beginning after a short drop. Controls are listed below if you need them.

    MoveW A S D or arrow keys
    Rotate ViewHold and drag mouse to look around

Stopping a Test

Once you've play-tested, you can stop the test and close the template.

  1. Stop play-testing by clicking the red Stop button.

Saving Projects

Whenever you are working, save every 10 minutes. That way if anything goes wrong, at least you haven't lost much work. Once published, you can edit it from any computer.

To save projects in Roblox, you'll name them and store them to your Roblox account online.

  1. Select File → Publish to Roblox to open the publishing window.

  2. Enter a place name and an optional description.

  3. When ready, click the Create button.