Intro to Roblox Studio

Series Description

Get familiar with Roblox Studio by making an obstacle course, otherwise known by Roblox visitors as an obby. Perfect for beginners, this series covers the basics of Roblox Studio like using the interface, creating new Roblox experiences, manipulating objects, and going through an iterative testing cycle.

Objectives and Prerequisites

Learning Objectives

Be comfortable with basics in Studio, such as creating a place, saving work, and creating/manipulating parts.

Design a 3D platformer, known as an obby, and iterate upon their design after testing for fun and functionality.

Give and receive implementable peer feedback to be used in further iterations.


Have basic computer, mouse, and keyboard skills.

No previous knowledge of Roblox, Roblox Studio, or coding required.

Series Contents

Article Description
Project File and Set Up Open up Roblox Studio for the first time and create a new experience where you can build your obby.
Creating and Placing Parts Use the Explorer to add parts people can jump on to, practice moving the camera around in 3D space, and test your work.
Scaling and Rotating Parts Scale and rotate parts to add more platforms to the obby.
Colors and Materials Bring the obby to life with colors and textures, then share your work with the world if you're ready.
Polishing and Sharing Finish the project with small improvements and learn how to share work so others can play together.