Avatar Characters

An avatar character is the playable model the user embodies within an experience. This model takes its appearance from the user's saved Roblox avatar. You can customize the visual attributes of the users in your experience and equip and play emotes to provide users with additional ways to express themselves. You can also manage the ways avatar characters can interact with each other and their own avatar inventories with the Avatar Inspect Menu, Avatar Context Menu and the Avatar Editor Service.

Character Customization

In a default experience, the user's playable character takes on the appearance and accessories of the user's Roblox avatar. If you want to customize the default appearance of your users, you can either set global character settings through your experience's Game Settings or make direct updates at any time by applying a HumanoidDescription to user characters. See Character Customization for more information on editing the appearance of your users.

Avatar Showcase


Users can play emotes, or short character animations, to express themselves in your experiences. Users can access available emotes using the emote menu in an experience or purchase additional avatar emotes from the Avatar Shop.

You can customize a user's emote menu to allow specific emotes in your experience or play a specific emote for a user programmatically. See Emotes for more information.

Avatar Inspect Menu

The Avatar Inspect Menu allows users to customize their Roblox avatar within an experience. The Avatar Inspect Menu is available by default on all experiences and allows a user to view another user's inventory, try on items, and even make purchases. Developers of an experience can receive commissions from purchase made through the Inspect Menu. See Avatar Inspect Menu for more information on customizing the inspection menu.

Users can inspect the avatar inventory of other users.
Users can inspect the avatar inventory of other users.
Users can try on and purchase selected avatar items.
Users can try on and purchase selected avatar items.

Avatar Context Menu

The Avatar Context Menu (ACM) makes it easier for users to interact with each other. When you enable the ACM in your experience, a user can walk up to another user's character and click on them to open a window with several default options. The player can send a friend request, begin a private chat, or wave. This menu can even be customized with custom actions, such as initiating trades, battles, and more. See Avatar Context Menu for more information on enabling and customizing the ACM.

Avatar Editor Service

The Avatar Editor Service allows you to access the Avatar Catalog and Avatar Editor from within your experience. Using the service, you can read user inventory data, search specific items from the Avatar Shop and allow the user to make purchases from within an experience.

You can use your own in-experience avatar editor combined with the Avatar Editor Service to enable users to access their avatar inventory, search the catalog, and make outfit and appearance changes within your experience's interface. See Avatar Editor Service for more information on accessing catalog data from within your experience.