Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to be eligible to sell in Marketplace?

Creators who are ID-verified, have Roblox Premium 1000 or 2200, and consistently follow our Community Standards and Marketplace Policies can upload, publish, and sell in Marketplace. These eligibility requirements allow us to more effectively enforce our Marketplace policies and prevent violators from circumventing moderation. You can learn more about the requirements to upload and publish as an individual or a group here.

Roblox also requires a publishing advance for all items published on Marketplace, with the exception of free Limited items. A publishing advance is a rebatable upfront fee that you pay at the time of publishing an item.

Why is Roblox providing more transparent eligibility requirements to create and sell?

By providing more transparent eligibility requirements, we are making it possible for a larger and more diverse community of creators to publish items and grow their businesses on Roblox.

Can I publish as part of a group and as an individual?

Yes! Creators can publish as part of a group and as an individual. You can read more about the requirements to publish as a group and as an individual here.

What types of items can I create?

Creators can create 3D avatar items which include clothing, accessories, bodies, and heads. Creators can choose to make items that are non-Limited (unlimited quantity) or Limited (3D items with a fixed quantity).

Why does Roblox have a publishing advance?

When the number of items in a single category goes up faster than community interest in that category, it can make it harder for people to discover unique items and for creators to earn. A publishing advance allows us to raise the bar on selling in Marketplace with a goal of incentivizing more original and unique creations. You can learn more about the Publishing Advance here.

Will the publishing advance ever change?

Yes. As our market evolves, we will reevaluate our publishing advance from time to time. We expect this advance to change 2 - 3 times per quarter at most.

Is there a cap on the number of items we can upload and publish?

There is no cap on the number of 3D accessories, clothing, bodies, or heads that you can upload from Studio. Once your items are uploaded, you can publish any number of non-Limited items and only 1 Limited item per day.

Why is Premium a requirement?

We care about creating a marketplace with items that people love and where creativity is protected. We also care about ensuring Marketplace remains a safe and civil space for all. Requiring that creators have Premium and be ID verified brings more accountability to the ecosystem and motivates creators who want to sell in Marketplace to publish items they believe will sell.

Will the price floors ever change?

Yes. Our system can help support smarter pricing to better reflect market conditions by automatically setting the lowest price in an item category based on demand. We also give creators controls that let them set rules for how much to charge for their items relative to these dynamic prices. We're confident this will help make sure creators can earn while giving consumers more access to items at fair market prices.

Can creators still make free items? How much does it cost to publish free items?

Yes, creators can make free Limited items only and these will be charged for each unit created (per-unit fee). As of today, the per-unit fee for free Limited items is 100 Robux. These per-unit fees will continue to be dynamic and can be changed in the future.

How much can I earn from selling my items in Marketplace?

Creators will earn at least 30% of the gross of any item sales. The remainder is shared between the platform and, if your item is sold in an experience, the developer who created that experience (who could be you). You can learn about earnings from creating, selling, and reselling avatar items here.

Does this mean you are sunsetting the UGC Program?

Yes, we will be sunsetting the legacy application process to join the UGC Program. Creators who were part of the UGC Program who consistently meet our eligibility requirements mentioned above can continue to create, publish, and sell items in Marketplace.

How does Roblox ensure creators are following the Community Standards and Marketplace policies?

We recently revamped our enforcement and now may revoke access to creation temporarily or permanently for creators who violate our policies. Our changes included requiring ID verification to sell in Marketplace, which helps us prevent people from easily making an alternative account to rejoin the program and circumvent moderation.

How can I protect my intellectual property (IP)?

IP owners are the ones best positioned to tell us what they believe infringes on their rights. Use the Rights Manager for managing IP infringement removal requests. You can use Rights Manager to report experiences, avatar items, and assets such as models, audio, and images that infringe on your IP.

Roblox investigates each report and takes appropriate action, which may include removing or disabling the infringing content, and, in appropriate circumstances, permanently terminating the accounts of users who have repeatedly infringed on the IP of others.

One of my items was taken down. How do I appeal?

All moderation decisions can be appealed via our appeals page.

What's the difference between a DSA request and a DMCA request? What happens after I file that request?

We provide several distinct channels to report potentially violating content found in our Marketplace. These channels have different use cases and we ask the person making the report to choose the one that best suits the situation. After you submit your report or request to the correct channel, it will be reviewed and investigated, and appropriate action will be applied should the content prove violative of the laws or guidelines that the channel monitors for.


If you are located in the European Union (EU) who would like to report content that they believe violates the law of EU member states, you can use our Illegal Content Reporting Form. This process is available as part of Roblox's recent updates in response to the European Union's Digital Services Act (DSA) and should only be used by EU residents to report content that is believed to be in violation of EU and Member States law.


If you believe that your own intellectual property rights have been infringed or violated by user-created accessories, clothing, bodies, or heads, you may submit a DMCA request via the Rights Manager. Rights Manager handles infringement of any copyrights you either own or are authorized to report on behalf of. If you are not the rights holder or authorized representative, your request will not be processed.

For 3D accessories, clothing, bodies, or heads that may violate Roblox's Community Standards, please use the Report Abuse feature available on an item's catalog page or submit a report via support ticket.